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The Overtoom balloon has been used


– As a spacer balloon

To treat primary ureteric strictures.

The Overtoom balloon placed next to a JJ after dilatation

of an UPJ obstruction with a cutting balloon to keep open

the dilated stricture. Can be done in 30 min.

Leave the balloon catheter and the JJ catheter in place

during 30 days to get the urothelium healed with a dilated


 -As a kidney blocker®

Single sided kidney blocker

To treat ureteric lesions

1 Urinoma

2 Traumatic dissection

3 Could be used for uretric fistula:

-ureterocutaneous fistula

-ureterovaginal fistula

-ureteroenteric fistula

Double sided kidney blocker

Indications for a bladder bypass with double sided kidney blockers

to prevent urine from entering the bladder could be:

1 Bladder rupture management: intra and extra peritoneal perforations

2 Fistula like

-vesico vaginal fistula

-vesico cutaneous fistula

-vesico enteric fistula

3 Prolonged bladder perfusion:

-interstitial cystitis

-bladder ulcers

-intracavitary hyperthermic cytostatic bladder perfusion

Intra and extra peritoneal bladder ruptures